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YBS Girls 01


IVA 4% no incluido

The first GIRLS issue of YBS (Your Brand Series) is about visual signs and symbols featuring graphic designs for virtually anything girls may need. The variety of design proposals makes sure your collection will be completed down to the smallest detail and has the consistence of style required to reflect your vision - from printed materials to hang tags.
The DVD contains all images in the formats *.eps, *.pdf (vector) and *.tif (bitmap). The images can be modified, recoloured or combined with other elements.
- Time and money saving design tool for own unique graphic ideas
- More than 200 editable and free vector graphic proposals
- DVD with vector files for further processing (MAC/PC)
24,5 x 31,5 cm, 122 pages, Hardcover, mulitlingual, DVD with all motifs in vector- and bitmap format