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Victory Graphics & Design incl. DVD


IVA 4% no incluido


One could call this book "Official supplier of all street, extreme and cult sports":
More than 130 pages contain rich collages with hundreds of new designs for print textiles and T-shirt
motifs as well as patterns, labels and logos for sports and leisurewear, street wear, accessories, sports equipment and packaging.
The design proposals are structured according to the hippest street and club sports disciplines:
: fistball, gymnastics, longboard, rollerchix, footskating, Olympic ambitions, skydiving, wakeboard, yamakasi, scuba diving and rope skipping.
Depending from the respective theme, the designs are focussing on young target groups in different age brackets with a clear emphasis on street kids between 10 and 20.
Specialities of this inspirational book are its fresh and modern style and the opulent pages filled with plenty of designs and motifs.
The enclosed DVD can be used on Windows and Macintosh systems with the actual versions of popular graphic and image editing programs.
It contains all pages of the book in the fully vectorized file formats .ai and .eps.
Therefore the multi-level collages can be separated into complete patterns and single motifs as well as processed according to special needs,
using vector-based software like Adobe Illustrator (from version 10) or Corel Draw (from version 10).