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TrendUnion Activewear SS 2016


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From that first moment in the early 80’s when the body became an obsession andtraining became the instrument to achieve it, sports began to actively developingmuscles, building the human frame to sometimes outlandish proportions. Aerobics,running, rowing, lifting and boxing were all done indoors often using monstrousexercise machines. The building of the body was the purpose and an iron disciplinewas demanded. Sports were not much fun, more like a military drill that had to besuffered on a daily basis. Today we see the start of another and distinctly differentperiod where sports are meant to be fun and functional in equal portions, wheremindful movement is created to enhance the body without pumping, where socialgathering is an essential component and where sports will become a favorite pastime,attracting ever larger audiences. Training is performed with simple tools such assticks, ropes and rings, after all the body is the machine that needs to be stretched,refined and embellished, and doesn’t need another killer machine to do so!Hybrid disciplines are invented, blending dancing and exercising, ballet and stretching,gym and acrobatics, yoga and walking….. and this is just the beginning of that trend.To correspond to this need to invent new sports initiatives the influence ofentertraining is ongoing, bringing people together at odd hours of the day; dancing atsix in the morning, yoga before breakfast, rolling at noon, swimming at happy hour,walking after dinner, biking at midnight. A much younger generation of teenagers canbe seen in city, parks, and urban squares training in groups. Push-ups, chin-up,skipping rope. The active sports are revisiting the Olympus for ideas on how to trainand sustain the body as well as the mind. The images and sculptures of the classiccultures show the lean and muscular beauty of its gymnasts and wrestlers, archers anddisk throwers; all sports that are going to make a big revival. This gym culture isrequesting sparse garments that embrace the body with grace and dignity. Inspired bymartial arts with its reflective and restorative ways of training, the body is nowconsidered to be united with the soul and therefore the sports disciplineswill indulge in the development of both. A slower pace, a concentrated effort, amindful marathon, a minimal environment and a general sense of well-being will beassociated with this new momentum in the sports arena. The future will witnessthe design of new centers of sports, with food, yoga, meditation and reading, poetryand music all under one roof. Developing body, soul and mind simultaneously.Because of the merging of body and soul the active wear clothes and accessories willbecome more minimal and better designed with hidden details and stronger form andan emphasis on the aesthetic over the functional, preparing these products to beadopted as clothes for the urban environment as well, answering a need to dress downfrom fashion, giving voice to the growing normcore movement. The products shouldbecome active and passive at the same time, allowing the body to breathe and the soulto navigate.
Lidewij Edelkoort
lifting weights at the Sydney Biennale of Art :-)


The active wear forecast will set forth key shapes, colors and details for the sports, performance and athletic clothing industry.

First issue to be published for fall/winter 2015-16