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TrenUnion Beauty Book SS 2016


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The mythology of beauty

Vanitie is the belief in one's own magnetism and relevance in the eye of the beholder. Judging by the milions of selfies produced daily on our planet we might therefore argue that we live in the Age of the Vanities - with masses of people immortalizing themselves. This process of narrating life has gradually been responsible for the idolisation of society, bringing back a mythological aspect to culture, drawing from ancient sources in order to understand current affairs. It is evident that the processes at work are far from rational and almost entirely enchanted and bewithed, creating legends and myths from ordinary moments, elevating each and everyone of us to our contemporary Olympus, the Internet. The arena of this interface request battle and heroism, expression throught song and dance, transformation throught theatre and drama, illumination throught fantasy and storytelling.

Mythology becomes a relevant source of inspiration and is at the core fo this forecasting study in contemporary archetypes, drawing upon muses, models and oracles to define the future of beauty. Introducing the identity of the relevant target audience for the decade to come...

These new archetypes are defined by their leaner bodies, braided hair, heavier eyebrowns, elegand hands and beautiful feet. The skin is sun kissed and glowing, the body is barely dressed, making the body the focus of fashion.

Many deities are related to nature and therefore a more natural aspect of beauty and cosmetics needs to be developed where earth's resources will play a dominant role in colours, materials and recipes, focusing on brown, green and blue to reverse two decades of warm colours. A nature that is revisited by classical codes and therefore symbolised and organised in stylised movements with a decorative art (s) sensitivity that will influence are containers and packaging.


- Lidewij Edelkoort


The pattern/beauty/color book, BEYOND COLORS, defines prints, motifs and colours for coming seasons. Inspirational images, texts, keywords, colours and fabrics are compiled into unfolding files that explain the key movements in pattern. It discusses the continuing importance of decoration, illustration, narration and embellishment for fashion, textiles, packaging, interiors and surface design.

Published twice a year: 

September for the Spring/Season season
February for the Autumn/Winter season