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TrendUnion Men colourcard 2016


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 Put on your shirt, button your jacket and look at your image in the mirror.

These clothes are yours now. Before that, they were in a shop, on a rack, waiting to be chosen.

Do you ever think of the process by which that shirt became a shirt?

In the beggining there was a sheet of paper and a designer with a pencil.

The designer's hand moves over the white surface and patterns , shapes and colors apperar: a shirt.

Something to wear, not only for protection, but also to create a sensation for the wearer as well as for the beholder.

Fashion designers create. They are artists that come up with new ideas.

They re-define the relation to other forms of artistic expression by merging. Design and Art influences in to their creations.

They quote and borrow from paitings photos, graphics, symbols and desings. Fashion and Design now have achieve Art status.

Clothes have entered the Museum

Your shirt is a piece of art.


The men’s colour is a forecast specific to the men’s fashion market, which also gives inspiration for customer identities, silhouettes and accessories. Produced in an unfolding file format, this product features key images, colour harmonies, keywords and texts.
The colours are forecasted by Arnold van Geuns & Clemens Rameckers, known for their men’s fashion and textile expertise as well as for their design creations and collaborations with major home and fashion brands.

Additional swatches and yardage are available for purchase.

Published twice a year:
September for the Spring/Summer season
February for the Autumn/Winter season