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TrendUnion Colourcard & Harmony Book 2016


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VANITIES-The mythology of self

Vanity is the absolute belief in one’s own magnetism and relevance in the eye of the beholder. Judging by the millions of selfies produced on our planet each day we might therefore argue that we live in the Age of the Vanities – with masses of people immortalizing themselves. We exist in a purely ocular-centric age where the power of the eye dominates the nature of all our interactions; routing is visualised, food is photographed, hotel rooms are captured, landscapes are rendered, events are videoed, the news is shared through images with little or no words. The emotion of experience is put on hold until a later date.

This ascent of visual homogeny and the totalitarian power of image has been facilitated over centuries, from the camera obscura influencing fine art to the smart phone influencing all art today. The instant image’s immediate consumption has grown exponentially from the advent of the Polaroid to our digital days and has delivered true Andy Warhol’s prediction that everyone would eventually have fifteen minutes of fame.

Today’s crowned consumer king is involved in the sponsoring of brands, the promoting of songs, the posting of news footage and the endorsement of others. To like has become a formula, to unlike a tantrum.

What we see is what is real and therefore has value. The not seen, suggested or imagined seems no longer to be in vogue. It almost feels suspicious. In most religions, vanity was viewed as a form of idolizing the self, meant to mirror and emulate the greatness of the gods and therefore considered a fatal crime. This deadly sin is no longer punished but applauded, reaching out for the stars like a daily eagerly awaited TV sequel.

With these newly defined image-related codes, one is obliged to record ordinary events on an hour-by-hour basis, baring witness to the uneventful events of one’s existence. Elevating them to become an important communication strategy, rendering oneself larger than life, implying that a star is in the making.

Me and the sea, me and the music, me and new shoes, me and my baby, me and the cat, me being in heaven.

This process of narrating life has gradually become responsible for the idolisation of society, bringing back a mythological aspect to culture, drawing from ancient sources in order to understand current affairs.

It is evident that the processes at work are far from rational and entirely enchanted and bewitched, creating legends and stories from ordinary moments, elevating each and every one of us to our contemporary Olympus, the Internet. The arena of this interface requests stamina and competition, battle and heroism, expression through song and dance, transformation through theatre and drama, illumination through fantasy and storytelling.

Suddenly mythology is a relevant source of inspiration and at the core of this season’s forecasting study in contemporary archetypes, drawing upon muses and models and oracles to design a future of fashion with an elegant hand. Many deities are related to nature and therefore to water, air and earth; its resources play a dominant role in colours, fibres, textiles and patterns, focussing on browns, greens and blues to reverse two decades of warm colours. Yet it is a nature that is revisited by classical codes and therefore symbolised and organised in stylised movements with a decorative arts sensitivity.

The gods in us will operate to create a desire for column dresses, peplum jackets, togas and tunics; neo-classical clothes that will plunge from round shoulders to form pleats, drapes and asymmetrical shapes, continuing another season of gathering matter.

The playful cajoling themes of nude beauties, undressed models or naked gymnasts will influence a style that is hardly there, layering our celestial constitution with veils of perception and anatomical second skins. Introducing a period that will be more openly erotic and at ease with human morphology, leaving behind a long period of fundamental prudish fashions. Therefore we will see the human frame change aesthetics, with slimmer and leaner proportions, a naturally streamlined anatomy.

Our existence is immortalised by our contemporary anthropological recordings and therefore we are allowed to feel a bit godly about ourselves :-)


– Lidewij Edelkoort


Color forecast is a colour package consisting of double fabric swatch ranges plus a book with color combinations, inspirational visuals and explanatory keywords. Additional swatches and yardage are available for purchase. Published twice a year:
September for the Spring/Summer season
February for the Autumn/Winter season