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Prints to go young


IVA 4% no incluido

The new PRINTS TO GO -YOUNG contains more than 500 royalty free motives for girls- and boyswear according to the topical trends in Young Fashion.
Themes as poker, rock, parcours, sailing, mountain spirit, mystic, retro and romance are presented in colour and with suggestions for tees.
CD information:
The graphics are developed in Adobe Illustrator CS, for Windows and Macintosh systems.
The CD contains all graphics and typographic designs as vectorised files, partly in combination with bitmaps.
The graphics have been saved in two different formats: CD 1 contains all files in the newest Adobe Illustrator CS format (*.ai). CD 2 contains the same data in the classical *eps.format of Illustrator 8.0
Due to technical differences some special effects had to be left out in the *.eps version.
Also these versions have a maximum usability. Further details as also instructions on how to open the files are to be found at the end of the book.