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The Denim Bible - Jeans Encyclopedia III


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THE DENIM BIBLE already has legendary status in the fashion community due to its two preceding editions "The Jeans Encyclopaedia" from 1992, and "The Denim Bible Jeans Encyclopaedia II", published in 2006.
This new edition is still using the A (acid wash) to Z (zippers) format but is far more comprehensive and global than the previous editions. In its nearly 400 pages you'll find approximately 1.200 entries including
hundreds of new ones that cover all the world's companies and brands that have entered - and often revolutionized - the jeans sector since 1992.
The Denim Bible Jeans Encyclopaedia III is an industry-acclaimed reference book that provides complete, in-depth information around the blue jeans sector, including profiles
of famous companies and brands, hundreds of jeans-related terms and the profiles of famous denim designers.
24,4 x 17,8 x 3,2 cm, 400 pages, hard cover, text in English