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The Best of Jeans incl. CD-Rom


IVA 4% no incluido

Over 800 pictures taken, often unknowingly, by a trend scout and not a professional photographer, in stores, at professional fairs, in Paris, London, Barcelona, Saint-Tropez, etc.
These pictures are fashion trend landmarks. They come with the most relevant details to fuel your inspiration and contribute to the development of your own creations.
More over, these illustrations are key to communicate efficiently with graphic artists and fashion designers.
The pictures have been classified by topics:
Belt, Back Pocket, Details, Embroidery, Fabric Effect, Tag & Labeling, Print, Skirt, Top, Trimming, ZYP & Button
All prints are also included in a DVD (Flash version).
This user friendly tool will give you easy access to the book content. You will easily screen, print, grab and save the pictures you need.
16 vectorial shapes of jeans
Interactive DVD with Flash navigator