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YBS College 01


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YBS - Your Brand Series - COLLEGE / Copyright free samples for artists, designers and stylists
In YBS (Your Brand Series) you will find material for any detail to ensure your collection is completed down to the finest detail and has the consistency required to reflect your vision - from prints to hang rags.
The COLLEGE issue is about visual signs and symbols for the equipment of schoolchildren and students featuring the chapters ACADEMY, CAMPUS, COLLEGE, FRATERNITY, GYMNASIUM, HIGH SCHOOL, PREPATORY, SORORITY, UNIVERSITY and VARSITY.
YBS' future offerings will feature a broad spectrum of themes and graphics, from sports to romance.
It is obviously up to you to let your imagination run riot, while incorporating the designs into you brand identity and completing the collection. The DVD contains all images as vector
EPS files, Adobe Acrobat .PDFs and Adobe Photoshop .TIFFs. The images as far as they do not contain TIFFs can be modified, recoloured or combined with individual elements to suit your requirements with the
help of the following graphic programs: Adobe Illustrator® version 10+, CorelDraw® version 10+, Macromedia Freehand® version 10+, Adobe Photoshop® version 5+, ACdsee Canvas® version 10+
24,5 x 31,5 cm, 122 pages, hardcover, multilingual text, DVD with all images in vector and bitmap formats