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Style Drive - Summer Set Vol. 4 + DVD


IVA 4% no incluido

This large-sized design book is filled with really innovative ideas for graphic artists and stylists, including a vast range of trends and ideas for beachwear, sports and leisure wear, fashion coordinates and accessories.
Hundreds of graphics, illustrations for print, embroidery, applications, labels and tags, logos, backgrounds, accessories and much more
, as well as model sketches supply you with anything needed for the development of trendy and sales-boosting boy?s and girl?s collections.
The DVD (Windows and Macintosh) contains all the models and graphics for easy and immediate personal use, provided in 3 types of data:
*.ai Adobe Illustrator version 7 and newer
*.eps EPS MS DOS for PC CorelDraw version 12.0 and newer
*.fh9 Freehand version 9.0 (Freehand MX) and newer
An extensive instruction for the use of the DVD is provided in the appendix of the book.
43 x 30 cm, 130 pages, hardcover, texts in English