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Souvenir - Africa and Europe


IVA 4% no incluido
In this extensive collection of imaginative souvenir badges, shields, coats of arms, stickers, motif prints and symbols thorough research unites with inventive design.
SOUVENIR contains more than 600 emblems and badges for a large number of countries, locations and places in Africa and in Europe.
The designs are inspired by these locations. But they do not represent their official shields.
On the contrary, they are made as graphic expressions of respect and tribute to the unique nature and attractive features of these locations and their people.
All designs shown in the book are perfectly prepared for processing in print and embroidery technologies, and provide manifold stimulation for the design of T-shirts, back parts, sleeves, bags and front parts of garments as well as for labelling, packaging and many other applications.
The enclosed DVD contains all motifs as shown in the book as vector files (Illustrator 10 EPS and vector PDF), in part combined with pixel-oriented images depending from the intended look of the designs.
160 pages, 24,5 x 25 cm, soft cover, text in English