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Pool. 2 Patterns & Prints incl. DVD


IVA 4% no incluido
Pool 2 is the second edition of an inspirational design book series for young women's collections.
On 135 pages at size 210 x 300 mm, four multi-purpose, cross-seasonal themes are illustrated with more than 220 single motifs, individual designs, patterns and coordinated all-over prints, all licence-free.
ART NOUVEAU: Patterns oscillating between historical and contemporary, a large range of new ornamental and typographic interpretations inspired by Art Deco, the Seventies Op-Art and modern computer graphics.
VITAL COOL: A vital mix of motifs from organic to synthetic, graphic whirls, minimalist flowers, capital letters, naive illustrations, bouquets and loops in bi-colour moods inspired by the Eighties.
FOLK FIESTA: Happy-go-lucky and the head in the clouds! Boosting folk motifs full of overwhelming optimism, naive ornaments and wing motifs, floral fragments, happy heraldic symbols and rainbow dreams.
NEW GIPSY: A contemporary mix of styles, free collages made of lace and vegetal fragments, ornaments and heraldic motifs, modern typography and fruit cocktails in watercolour style, herbal prints, desert roses and Asiatic stamps.
The enclosed DVD (for Mac and PC) completes this convincing book by providing all the graphic motifs and prints in the easy to handle vector file format .ai (Adobe Illustrator version 10.0.3 or higher), partly with integrated pixel-based images.