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Kids Planet Pocket Picker incl. DVD


IVA 4% no incluido


Over years "Kids Planet" trend books have proven to be an inspirational and informative  working basis for many garment manufacturers creating their collections.
"Kids Planet - Pocket Picker" presents a huge collection of more than 800 designs of trousers, skirts and dresses of the "Kids Planet" trend books, updated with many new designs and detail views of pockets, belt loops,
waist bands and so on, also completed with exclusively new developed ideas for prints, embroideries and labels.
The book contains clearly structured trend themes for girls and boys. Within these sections various theme worlds are worked out and the designs are summarised under headings like street, work, sports, travel, beach, rock, romantic, fancy and so on.
"Kids Planet - Pocket Picker" is a comprehensive source of inspiration and a perfect aid to design your collection.
DVD containing vector and pixel graphics for editing on MAC or PC in the file formats AI, EPS, PDF, JPG.
Further processing with Adobe Illustrator (at least version 9), Adobe Photoshop (at least version 6) or Corel Draw (at least version 11). 
Ringbinder with removable pages, 29,5 x 21,5 cm, 120 pages