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Graphicstore - Woman Vol. 29 + DVD


IVA 4% no incluido


Graphicstore Woman Vol. 29 is a collection of graphics inspired by the latest trends, for a chic and fashion-aware, sought-after woman.
Rich in content, it deals thoroughly with issues such as ornamental embroidery in gold and silver, embellished with the application of jet, rhinestones; folk items with tissue that turns into flowers, leaves and transparent petals, the romantic
, with patterns inspired by fairy tales, by women who dream, classical, with British influence, English fabrics woven with gold and silver threads, embellished with embroidered roses and appliqué.
Last but not least, the refined world of retro, inspired by the 50s, from Liberty and deco.
The attached DVD offers the same content in vector format for ease of use and the possibility of immediate customization. All graphics are completely free of copyright.
Format 23,5 x 30,5 cm, 144 pages, hardcover, DVD for Windows and Macintosh, including all designs in vector and pixel-oriented file formats