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Cutting-Edge Patterns and Textures incl. CD-Rom


IVA 4% no incluido

A compendium of cutting-edge pattern designs
Cutting-Edge Patterns and Textures features over 250 designs, collected from 83 designers, artists, and graphic design studios from around the globe.
Some are simple, monochromatic designs, others are intricate, colourful explosions.
Together they represent the latest trends in graphic pattern design.
The latest and most advanced design directions for graphic patterns in one book
Many application possibilities: Fashion and interior textiles, wallpapers, gift wrapping papers, room decoration, packaging and much more
Plenty of inspiration for own pattern designs
Short portraits of all contributing designers with their web addresses
Bonus CD containing 50 copyright-free patterns for direct printout or as basis for re-working them in all common graphic software programs (pixel oriented)
14 x 19 cm, 336 pages, flexicover
Texts in English