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Best of T-Shirt Graphics Vol. 1 Men - incl. DVD


IVA 4% no incluido

Over 600 pictures taken, often unknowingly, by a trend scout and not a professional photographer, in stores, at professional fairs, in Paris, London, Barcelona, Saint-Tropez, etc.
The "trend scout" has taken these pictures to research and define the next fashion trends, to produce a reference database and to establish guidelines which will inspire designers.
The pictures have been classified by topics:
Clubbing Modern Grafik, Vintage, Sno Skate Urban, Nature Organic, Hawai Surf Beach, HipHop, Denim Jeanswear, University Sport, Rock
All prints are also included in a DVD (Flash version).
This user friendly tool will give you easy access to the book content. You will easily screen, print, grab and save the pictures you need.
16 basic designs: t-shirt/polo/sweat shirt - proposed as illustrator file documents.
Personal research on 6 creations in illustrator files, patent free for professional use.
They include a variety of designs inspired by the pictures of the book.
These designs are not aimed for copying but to serve as a base for further creative endeavour.