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Benjoy kidswear vol. 1


IVA 4% no incluido
This amazingly inspirational book is a source for evergreen graphics and trendy fashion ideas at the same time.
It contains a contemporary fashion winter atmosphere appropriate for children and can be used as season-independent library of everything needed for the creation of attractive baby and kidswear collections
featuring plenty of professional proposals for garments, accessories, patterns and graphics. Especially the graphics and patterns are suitable also for labels and packaging, wallpaper, interior textiles and accessories for children.
Unique, lovely and exclusive graphic and trend book for kidswear providing a firework of creative ideas
Inspiring archive of styling, design ideas and print designs for placed and repeating prints with long-term effect
Practical working tool for your own seasonal concepts and market-driven collections
DVD with vector files for direct processing on MAC and PC (.ai and . pdf)
Hardcover, ringbinder with removable pages, 25 x 33 cm, 88 pages, Languages: English, Chinese and Italian