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All Seasons Part One Best of Motifs & Labels


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Kids Planet - All SEASONS
Best of Motifs & Labels
The internationally well known "Kids Planet Trend Books" have proved themselves over the last ten years to be a source of inspiration and information for many designers and
apparel manufacturers creating their collection.
A style book edition, entitled "All Seasons", is added to this series. It draws together the best motifs of the "Kids Planet Trend Books" from the past seasons. Collected in trendy
theme worlds there are more than 1000 top-selling graphic designs, labels and logos for boys and girls aged 4 -14 years.
The book is a "must have" for everybody working in design for kids and teenagers and is an ideal tool to design children's fashion, home textiles, stationery, gifts, toys and much more.
The edition is in high quality hardcover binding, A4-portrait format and comprises 144 pages. A DVD is also included, containing all graphic artwork for further processing with Adobe Illustrator (at least version 9),
Corel Draw (at least version 11) or Adobe Photoshop (at least version 6) in the prevalent file formats ai, eps, pdf und jpg.