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Nelly Rodi Living Expressions Spring Summer 2019


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Welcome to a world in the throes of RECONFIGURATION. Toppled utopias, lost certitudes, a new world order dictated by mavericks as unpredictable as they are charismatic…

NellyRodi has been the constant observer of such moments of passage, questioning and deciphering with the same perspicacity the elements that disturb and excite, unsettle and inspire to reveal the new signs of modernity, and creatively anticipate the future.

Never turning away, and constantly opening ourselves up to FASCINATION! It’s the price of CREATIVITY.


All the inspirations of the art of living and the decoration of the interiors of tomorrow declined by season through the styles (prints, materials, shapes, finishes), products (furniture, textile, tableware, lighting), and their ranges of colors and harmonies …