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Fashion Box Women's Knitwear S/S 2019


IVA 4% no incluido
A richly illustrated seasonal concept including colour charts, knit designs and structures with original material swatches, knitwear sketches partly integrated into complete outfits and trendy accessories.
Four themes provide a wide choice of fashion ideas related to different target groups.
Technical information completes the trend information. All designs are provided in different vector and pixel-oriented file formats on the enclosed CD-ROM.
• Four complex structured and accurately compiled trend themes
• Colour codes according to the Pantone® Fashion + Home Color System
•- Per theme 40 - 70 model sketches for outfits, fashion components and accessories
• Overview of key models for each of the themes incl. Key measurements
•Plenty of original swatches for new knitwear optics by leading manufacturers and the Fashion Box Design Laboratory