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Fashion Gallery NewYork .2018 vol.4


IVA 4% no incluido
Spring-Summer 2018 gets to the heart of creativity with its first two FASHION GALLERY titles dedicated to the female ready-to-wear collections. Straight from New York and London fashion weeks, the review of the most important international runways, in two different issues featuring the productions of the top contemporary designers. Here you can find all the highlights of these new issues:

- Very early publishing date
- The most complete trade publication of this kind, containing over 330 pages with full-size images that introduce all the fashion shows, uncut version: a wide review of the best outfits for man’s wardrobe, featuring all the best international brands
- The opening Moods section introducing the top trends of the upcoming season, offering a creative input to design personal collections
- The KEY COLORS section showing new color ranges, and including Pantone TCX codes for any reproduction