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RAL P1 + P2 Set 300 plastic colour plates in three protective


IVA 21% no incluido
RAL PLASTICS - The colour standard for plastics
For RAL PLASTICS, polypropylen was chosen, which assures diversified applicability. RAL PLASTICS guarantees best possible translation of RAL paint colour shade into an identical shade for plastics.
Thus, using RAL PLASTICS, manufacturer and plastics processors can save time, costs and raw material. This material is an ideal partner also for innovative architecture in the 21st century.
RAL P1 + P2 SET - All 300 RAL PLASTICS colours are available as single plates:
• Colour plates’ formate: 10,5 × 14,8 × 0,3 cm
• Material: polypropylene
• Three levels of thickness – 0,3 cm, 0,2 cm and 0,1 cm – show each colour at different levels of opacity
• Three different surface textures – high gloss polished, VDI 24 and VDI 42 – show users the colour dependent on surface roughness
• The protective sleeve for each RAL P1 PLASTICS sample contains masterbatch code,colormetric measures, absolute values, reflectance curve, distance to the plastics original stan