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Francq Colors Trend Report A/W 2018/2019


IVA 4% no incluido
The Francq Colors Trend Report contains 180 pages of inspiration and information about emerging trends, 2 years in advance. The book is lavishly illustrated and contains
-62 trend colours
- 6 conceptual trend them
Each trend theme contains:
- A background story that explores sociological, technological, economical or political macrotrends and links them to lifestyl
- Keywords that help to quickly get a grasp of the tre
- A general color palette with a short description, linking the colors to the trend stor
- Color fabric swatches for each colo
- 4 key color combinations, ordered from mainstream to nich
- Examples and inspiration from design, fashion, beauty, tech and foo
- Materials, patterns and textures that fit the tren
- PMS, CMYK, LAB, RGB and TCX codes for each colo
- A description of the person embodying the trend theme, very helpful in determining whether a trend is right for yo
The Francq Colors Trend Report offers a very broad view on trends and is immediately applicable to fashion, interior design, architecture and many other lifestyle branches.
It is the perfect tool for designers, buyers and anyone seeking inspiration.