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Fashionstore - Girl Fleece Vol. 5 + DVD


IVA 4% no incluido
This vast selection of designs for sweatshirts and leisurewear represents the very best of the latest sportswear and street style trends, with special attention dedicated to prints, embroidery and accessories (labels, hang tags, buttons...).
The included DVD-ROM provides a preview of the latest styles and colours including all the fashion images in high resolution and full colour as well as the technical drawings in b/w vector graphics.
24,5 x 31,5 cm, 133 pages, hardcover
DVD for Windows and Macintosh, containing all designs in the following formats:
.ai (Adobe Illustrator 10 vector files), .cdr (Corel Draw 10 vector files), .psd (Adobe Photoshop CS3, 200 dpi pixeloriented),.jpg (96 dpi pixeloriented files for a quick visualisation of the book contents)